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Before You Adopt:


Before adopting, important decisions should be considered.


For instance, who will care for the new pet? Children often get bored and parents need to realize that ultimatley they will be responsible for the care of the pet. 


Are you moving soon? It is difficult to find a place to rent that accepts pets. Often times it requires an additional deposit.


Is everyone in the household in agreement? Often spouses that do not want a pet will despise the new addition.


Do you have time for a pet? Feeding, training, attention and cleaning up after a pet, does require time every day of the year.


Can you afford a pet? Adopting is more than an adoption fee and a bag of food. There's training, grooming, vets, food, litter, toys and more. It all adds up.


What breed of cat or dog? Some breeds of dogs can be more high maintenance than others. Bulldogs for example need their wrinkles cleaned and are prone to allegies, they also have troubles breathing.


Will my house/apartment and yard be big enough? For examlpe: A husky is not going to do good in a apartment with a small yard.


Are there any changes that would prevent you from spending time with the dog or take you away from it? For example: A new baby, new job, military duty.


These are just a few of the questions that should be taken into consideration before adopting.



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