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Attention Past and Future Volunteers:
We have had many people asking when we will begin our volunteer training. Right now we are very busy getting animals ready for adoption, unpacking, cleaning and getting settled into our new shelter so we can operate efficiently on a daily basis. These things need to be organized by staff so things are where we need them. We are excited to start our volunteer program, and there are many new changes that will be implemented. Our first volunteer orientation will be held Monday, October 13th at 6pm at HART. Before you consider volunteering, please keep the following things in mind:

- We are looking for committed, hard-working, and consistent volunteers.
- You must be able to volunteer at least 8 hours per month to be in our program
- Volunteer opportunities include: Dog walking, special events, education programs, animal transporters, fostering, and kennel duties. Details will be covered at orientation.
- Dog walkers will be required to sign up for dog walking shifts. To be most beneficial to the animals and the staff, we need to know when volunteers are coming and what time. This will eliminate problems such as too many dogs being out at one time, which potentially causes chaos, dog fights, and makes adoptions difficult when potential adopters come to see dogs and they are all outside at once.
- Volunteer applications will be handed out at the orientations, not at the shelter during hours of operation.
- You must be 16 years or older to volunteer
- Large groups, community service, school hours, group homes, etc. need to contact the director to make special arrangements.

We hope to find a great group of volunteers who are hard-working and animal lovers. We definitely need volunteers to help out in many different areas at the shelter. Due to the newly renovated building, many things about the shelter are different and this is an opportunity to create a structured volunteer program that will be most beneficial to the animals, staff and volunteers. Please attend the orientation to get all of your questions answered and determine if volunteering at HART is something you can help with. Thank you all for caring and wanting to help the animals. Orientations will be held monthly.


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